Jaahnavi Kandula : India Seeks Review After US Frees Cop Who Ran Over Andhra Student

In a tragic incident that shook the Indian community in Seattle, 23-year-old Jaahnavi Kandula was struck and killed by a police vehicle driven by Officer Dave on January 23rd. The incident occurred as Kandula was crossing a street in Seattle, and the impact of the collision threw her 100 feet.

Seeking justice for their daughter, Kandula’s family and the Indian consulate in Seattle have raised concerns over the decision by the King County Prosecutor’s Office to not press criminal charges against Officer Dave. The prosecutor cited a lack of sufficient evidence in their decision, prompting the Indian government to request a review of the case.

The Indian consulate expressed their strong dissatisfaction with the outcome of the investigation and have urged local authorities to take appropriate action. The case has now been referred to the Seattle City Attorney’s office for further review, with the consulate closely monitoring the progress of the administrative investigation by the Seattle Police.

In response to the tragic incident, the King County Prosecuting Attorney released a statement expressing their sorrow over Kandula’s death and acknowledging the impact it has had on communities both locally and globally. Additionally, bodycam footage from the Seattle Police Department revealed disturbing comments made by Officer Daniel Auderer, who laughed and made insensitive remarks about the collision.

Officer Auderer has since been removed from patrol duty and faces disciplinary action for his unprofessional conduct. The Seattle Police Department reported that speed was a contributing factor to the collision, as Officer Dave was responding to a priority call from the Seattle Fire Department at the time of the incident.

Despite the tragic loss of Jaahnavi Kandula, her legacy continues to be honored by Northeastern University, where she was a graduate student. The university has announced plans to award her degree posthumously and present it to her family as a tribute to her academic achievements.

The case has sparked a larger conversation about accountability and transparency within law enforcement, highlighting the need for justice and reform in the handling of such incidents. The community remains hopeful that a thorough investigation will lead to the appropriate resolution for Jaahnavi Kandula and her family.

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