Jeremy Wilkinson : “Patched Head Hunter Denied Approval for Security Work”

In a recent licensing authority hearing, the question of whether a patched member of the Head Hunters motorcycle gang should be allowed to work as a security guard was raised. The applicant, known only as Mr FB, sought to join the ranks of security professionals in the country, but faced opposition from the police.

**Background of the Incident**

The incident took place at a licensing authority hearing where Mr FB’s application for a Certificate of Authority to work as a security guard was being considered. The police strongly opposed his application, citing concerns about the gang’s first rule, which is to not assist officers in any inquiry or investigation against friend or foe.

**Adjudicator’s Decision**

Adjudicator Kate Lash, of the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority, ultimately denied Mr FB’s application. She acknowledged his positive attributes and impressive character but pointed out that his membership in the Head Hunters was incompatible with the requirements of the security industry.

**Mr FB’s Defense**

Mr FB argued that his allegiances lay with his family and his work, and that he had not been involved in any criminal activities within the gang. He highlighted his recent promotion to team leader in his current security role and emphasized the sense of purpose and support he found in his work.

**Police Concerns**

Sergeant Chris Mcleod expressed concerns about the values of the Head Hunters, noting that they encouraged criminal behavior and prioritized their rules over the law. He highlighted the potential risks associated with having gang members working in security roles, particularly in establishments where illegal activities could be facilitated.

**Final Verdict**

While recognizing Mr FB’s potential in the security industry, Adjudicator Lash emphasized the need for him to renounce his gang membership in order to be considered for a Certificate of Authority in the future. She underscored the importance of maintaining the integrity and safety of the security profession.

In conclusion, the case of Mr FB highlights the complexities of balancing personal affiliations with professional responsibilities in the security industry. It serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding ethical standards and ensuring the safety of both employees and the public in security roles.

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