Nex Benedict : Oklahoma Nonbinary Teen Attacked in School Bathroom: Tragic Outcome

In Oklahoma City, a heartbreaking incident occurred involving a 16-year-old student named Nex Benedict, who tragically passed away following a fight at their high school. The details of the altercation were revealed in police video footage released recently, shedding light on the events leading up to Nex’s untimely death.

**The Altercation and Tragic Outcome**

Nex Benedict, a nonbinary student who used they/them pronouns, was involved in a confrontation with three girls in a school bathroom after squirting them with water. Nex, who was conscious and alert when speaking to the police, recounted how the girls had been bullying them and their friends for their appearance. The situation escalated when the girls attacked Nex, resulting in a physical altercation that left Nex critically injured.

**Desperate Calls for Help**

Following the altercation, Nex’s mother, Sue Benedict, called emergency responders to their home after noticing concerning symptoms in Nex. Despite efforts to save Nex’s life, they tragically passed away the following day, leaving their family and community devastated by the loss.

**Seeking Justice and Closure**

In the aftermath of Nex’s death, their family expressed a desire for justice, with Sue Benedict initially considering filing charges against those involved in the altercation. However, as investigations unfolded, it was revealed that Nex’s death was not directly caused by the injuries sustained in the fight.

**Community Support and Mourning**

As news of Nex’s passing spread, vigils were planned in Oklahoma to honour their memory and seek justice for the tragic loss. The White House also expressed condolences over the incident, highlighting the importance of creating safe and supportive environments for all students in schools.

**Moving Forward**

While the circumstances surrounding Nex’s death remain under investigation, the community continues to come together to mourn the loss of a young life taken too soon. As the search for answers continues, the legacy of Nex Benedict lives on in the hearts of those who knew and loved them.

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