Sandra Young : “Portland High School Student Remains Identified After 50 Years”

Surviving family members of a Grant High School student who went missing over 50 years ago have finally received closure after investigators were able to match DNA to a skeleton found in a shallow grave on the north end of Sauvie Island in 1970.

The young girl, Sandra “Sandy” Young, had disappeared from Portland approximately two years prior to the discovery of the grave by a Boy Scout troop leader. This discovery has brought some answers to the family who have been searching for Sandy for decades.

**Mysterious Disappearance**

Sandy Young’s disappearance had left her family with unanswered questions and a sense of loss that lingered for years. The circumstances surrounding her vanishing had remained a mystery until now.

**Discovery of the Skeleton**

The skeleton found on Sauvie Island in 1970 sparked speculation and intrigue within the local community. For years, authorities were unable to identify the remains, leaving the case unsolved and the family of the missing girl in a state of limbo.

**Closure for the Family**

The recent breakthrough in DNA matching has provided some closure for Sandy Young’s surviving family members. While the news may bring a sense of sadness, it also brings a level of peace and finality to a long-standing mystery.

**Location of the Incident**

Sauvie Island, located in the Columbia River, has a long history of mysteries and legends. The discovery of Sandy Young’s remains adds another layer to the island’s lore, shedding light on a dark chapter in its past.

The resolution of this decades-old case serves as a reminder that closure and answers can sometimes come when least expected. The family of Sandy Young can now begin the process of healing and remembering their loved one in a new light.

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