Monish : Drug Dealers Kidnap NRI Customer, Extort Rs 1.3 Lakh: Shocking Incident Sparks Outrage and Concern

In a shocking incident that took place in Bengaluru, an NRI from Australia was reportedly abducted and assaulted by a group of six individuals demanding Rs 1.3 lakh. The Bommanahalli police acted swiftly and managed to apprehend the suspects within a day of the incident.

**Details of the Incident**

According to initial police investigations, the NRI had met with the suspects on February 20 to purchase ganja. However, the situation took a dark turn as the kidnappers assumed he had a significant amount of money on him. The NRI was lured to a secluded location near a private school on Bommanahalli Road, where he was physically assaulted and coerced into paying Rs 98,000 in two installments.

**Heroic Intervention**

In a moment of desperation, the NRI reached out to his brother for help, who managed to track his location using the car’s GPS. The brother, residing in JP Nagar, rushed to the scene and confronted the suspects, causing them to flee. The timely intervention of the NRI’s brother played a crucial role in the suspects’ capture by the police.

**Arrest of Suspects**

The suspects, identified as Monish alias Manu, Lokesh alias Loki, Kishor Shiva, Athi alias Rooth, Dilip Kumar, and Satish alias Chandru, all aged between 21 and 27, were apprehended by the authorities. These individuals, originally from Tamil Nadu and residing in southern Bengaluru, were involved in the abduction and assault of the NRI.

**Background Information**

The NRI had previously purchased ganja from one of the suspects, leading to the assumption that he was a lucrative target. The suspects, led by Monish, targeted the NRI due to his perceived wealth, as he had mentioned his return from Australia during their interactions.

**Further Investigations**

Following leads provided by Monish, the police arrested Sathyanarayan Mahato, a man suspected of selling ganja to students in the area. Mahato, originally from Bihar and residing in Suddaguntepalya, was found in possession of 400 grams of ganja worth Rs 24,000. The authorities have initiated legal proceedings under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act against Mahato.

This incident serves as a grave reminder of the risks associated with illicit activities and the importance of swift police intervention in ensuring justice for victims.

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