Zachary Rolfe : “Racist Language in NT Police; Barnaby Joyce’s Break; Gaza Death Toll Climbs – Australia News”

Former Northern Territory police officer Zachary Rolfe has recently made shocking revelations during an inquest in Alice Springs. He admitted to the normalization of racist language within the police force and apologized for his own use of such language. Rolfe alleged that he was gradually introduced to racist talk while serving in the force. He also claimed that an elite squad of NT police awarded a mock racist prize annually to the member who “behaved most like an Aboriginal”. Despite these revelations, Rolfe denied any belief that Aboriginal people were treated differently by the force. It’s worth noting that Rolfe was found not guilty of the murder of Kumanjayi Walker in 2019.

In other news, New South Wales police are set to allege in court that Sen Const Beau Lamarre made partial admissions regarding the alleged double murder of Jesse Baird and Luke Davies. Police divers are currently searching dams near Goulburn as part of the ongoing investigation. Additionally, Bruce Lehrmann’s lawyers are scheduled to question witnesses in June regarding allegations of rape in Toowoomba in 2021. Lehrmann, a former Liberal staffer, is facing two charges of rape but has not yet entered a plea.

Meanwhile, mining billionaire Andrew Forrest has criticized the Coalition’s push for nuclear energy, labeling it as “bulldust”. In a scathing statement, Forrest condemned the nuclear policies of politicians as misinformed and unscientific. On a different note, an Australian tourist has gone missing in Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls national park, prompting a search operation involving police, sniffer dogs, and drones.

Lastly, the death toll in Gaza is expected to surpass 30,000 this week amid negotiations for a ceasefire and hostage-release deal. A disturbing incident occurred outside the Israeli embassy in Washington DC, where a man set himself on fire while shouting “Free Palestine”. Back in Australia, political parties united to vote down a Greens Senate motion calling for the end of support for Israel’s invasion of Gaza. This decision has stirred controversy and raised questions about Australia’s stance on the conflict.

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