Rohit Goppidi : “Forest dept employees caught poaching Nilgai on camera”

In a shocking turn of events, two temporary staff members of the forest department, including an animal tracker, were among the four Nilgai poachers arrested in the Amrabad Tiger Reserve in Nallamala forest, Telangana. The poachers were captured on a night vision camera trap set up by forest officials, leading to their swift apprehension.

**Background of the Incident**

The incident took place in the dense Umman Penta beat of the Pandigundam range of the Amrabad Tiger Reserve. Forest officials had set up cameras as part of the Camera Trap Phase 4 implementation. Upon reviewing the camera data on 23rd February, the poachers were caught red-handed carrying a Nilgai, their prized trophy.

**The Arrest**

The arrested individuals, Dasari Lalu, Dasari Srinu, and Jelly Krishna, all belonged to the remote Maddimadugu village within the Amrabad Tiger Reserve. One of the accused, Kashamoni Raman, managed to evade capture, prompting a manhunt by forest officials. Shockingly, it was revealed that two of the accused were actually employed by the forest department itself. Lalu was a paper picker responsible for cleaning up waste in the forest, while Srinu was tasked with tracking wildlife.

**Legal Action**

Following the arrests, the forest department promptly terminated the employment of Srinu and Lalu. The accused were booked under the Wildlife Preservation Act of 1972 and remanded to judicial custody. Forest officials have vowed to increase surveillance in the tiger reserve by installing more cameras to prevent future poaching incidents.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing battle against wildlife crime and the importance of vigilance in protecting endangered species in our natural habitats.

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