Rocky Cassale : “Pick-Axe Attack: 1 Injured, Suspect Arrested”

In a recent incident in Pittsburgh’s Upper Hill neighborhood, a man was left with severe injuries after a violent altercation involving a pick-axe. The victim sustained lacerations to his head and torso, and is currently recovering from the ordeal. The suspect, identified as Rocky Cassale, has been arrested and is now facing multiple charges in connection with the attack.

### Details of the Incident
Upon responding to a call at the scene, officers discovered multiple broken windows at the residence where the altercation took place. It was revealed through an investigation that the attack ensued following an argument between Cassale and the victim. The victim managed to lock Cassale out of the house, but the suspect was able to re-enter using a pick-axe, and proceeded to chase the victim with the weapon.

### Arrest and Charges
As a result of the incident, Cassale was taken into custody by law enforcement and is currently being held accountable for his actions. The severity of the injuries sustained by the victim underscores the seriousness of the attack, and serves as a reminder of the importance of resolving conflicts peacefully and without resorting to violence.

### Conclusion
The incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of unresolved disputes and the importance of de-escalating conflicts in a non-violent manner. It also highlights the swift response and actions of law enforcement in apprehending the suspect and ensuring that justice is served. Moving forward, it is crucial for individuals to seek peaceful resolutions to conflicts in order to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

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