Our Team

      1. Emily Thompson, News Anchor: Emily Thompson is a seasoned news writer at the Patriots Daily News, bringing a wealth of experience and a calm demeanor to our news office. With a background in journalism and a passion for delivering accurate and insightful news, Emily is dedicated to keeping the community well-informed.
      2. JO Chess, Editor and Senior Reporter: As the senior reporter for Patriots Daily News, JO Chess is the go-to journalist for in-depth investigations and breaking stories. With a sharp eye for detail and a commitment to journalistic integrity, Chess has become a trusted source for news that matters.
      3. Megan Parker, Political and Conservative News Correspondent: Megan Parker is the energetic, conservative-savvy correspondent at Patriots Daily News. With a love for all things athletic, Megan brings enthusiasm and expertise to the conservative desk, covering the latest politics and conservative activities for our patriotic readers.
      4. Nina Patel, political analyst serving as the political analyst for Patriots Daily News, provides insightful commentary and analysis on the political landscape. With a background in political science and a keen understanding of current affairs, Nina delivers perspectives that help viewers make sense of complex issues.
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