Six Dead in Tragic Incidents: Bobby Kiel Jr., Porsha Kiel, Janiya Lewis, and Lester Lewis Ray Jr. Among the Victims

Six people have died, and their loved ones are in shock as a result of a string of tragic events that occurred in Southeast Texas at the beginning of the new year. These horrific losses were caused by three different incidents throughout the New Year’s weekend, the most terrifying of which was a triple murder-suicide in Orange County.

On New Year’s Day, residents of Orange’s North 8th Street were devastated to learn that four people—including an adolescent—had died from gunshot wounds. Around 7:50 a.m., the Orange Police Department (OPD) received a call reporting gunfire at 2406 North 8th St. When the police arrived, they found four bodies inside the house. Bobby Kiel Jr., 53; Porsha Kiel, 34; Janiya Lewis, 17; and Lester Lewis Ray Jr., 33, were the victims. To ascertain the precise cause of death, autopsies have been ordered.
A married couple named Lester and Porsha Lewis had recently bought a house in San Augustine County’s Roberts neighborhood. There had been a few calls to their home from the San Augustine County Sheriff’s Office regarding disturbances, but no charges or arrests had been made.
The incident is being investigated by the OPD’s Criminal Investigation Division as a homicide, with one of the victims possibly being the culprit. However, the police have not yet verified the claims made on social media by Bobby Kiel’s wife, Romona Barnes.
Meanwhile, at a “trail ride” gathering on Bigner Road, there was another incident. Officers from the Beaumont Police Department (BPD) discovered two victims lying close to the West Beulah Baptist Church after investigating a shooting report. The thick crowd made it difficult to get to the victims, but the officers could still reach them and help them. Sadly, one victim, 25-year-old Rodtravian Perry, passed away from his wounds, and the other was reported to be in critical condition. A third gunshot victim made an independent arrival at a nearby hospital.
The BPD has asked other law enforcement organizations for help securing the crime scene and interviewing possible witnesses. Witness cooperation has been lacking, even with the large number of attendees.
A store clerk at Kris Food Mart on Gulf Avenue was shot and killed in an armed robbery in a different incident. Keandre Marquis Robinson, one of the suspects, has been taken into custody, while Larry Nathaniel Hagan is still at large. Sheikh Abir-Hossain, 34, a clerk, leaves behind his mother, a 2-year-old daughter, and a wife.
Southeast Texas communities have been shocked by these tragic events, and investigations are still underway to ensure that the victims and their families receive justice. Anyone with information is urged by the authorities to come forward and help with these cases.

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