Sri Lankan Police Deploy Facial Recognition Tech at Bandaranaike International Airport to Boost Crime Investigation

Sri Lankan Police Enhance Crime Investigation Efforts with Facial Recognition Technology

In an effort to strengthen crime investigation endeavors, the Sri Lankan Police have recently implemented state-of-the-art facial recognition technology at the Bandaranaike International Airport. This significant development was announced by Acting Inspector General of Police, Deshabandu Thennakoon, earlier today.

The deployment of this cutting-edge technology aims to address a critical loophole often exploited by criminals who flee the country after committing serious offenses using forged passports. To counter this issue, authorities have uploaded images of 1,092 individuals who have been identified as members of organized crime syndicates into the system.

Acting Police Chief Thennakoon emphasized the capabilities of this advanced facial recognition software, stating, “This software will automatically detect anyone on our watchlist, even if they attempt to disguise themselves.”

By implementing this innovative technology, law enforcement agencies hope to significantly enhance their ability to identify and apprehend criminals, ensuring that justice is served.

The introduction of facial recognition technology at the Bandaranaike International Airport provides a crucial tool for authorities in their ongoing efforts to combat crime. With the ability to quickly and accurately identify individuals who are known to be involved in organized crime, law enforcement agencies can effectively prevent these individuals from escaping justice by fleeing the country.

This latest development showcases the commitment of the Sri Lankan Police to stay on the cutting edge of crime-fighting technology. By embracing advancements such as facial recognition software, they are demonstrating their dedication to protecting the community and maintaining law and order.

The implementation of this technology is expected to significantly bolster crime investigation efforts in Sri Lanka. With the ability to automatically detect individuals on the watchlist, even if they attempt to disguise themselves, law enforcement agencies are poised to make great strides in apprehending criminals and ensuring the safety and security of the country.

This significant move by the Sri Lankan Police serves as a reminder of the importance of technological advancements in the fight against crime. By harnessing the power of facial recognition technology, authorities are taking a proactive approach to combating organized crime and safeguarding the nation.

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