S. Ramesh : “Deadly fireworks factory explosion near Sattur”

A tragic incident unfolded at a private fireworks factory unit in Kundayiruppu near Sattur, located in Tamil Nadu’s Virudhunagar district. The explosion, which occurred at the Winner Fireworks unit around 12:30 p.m., resulted in the loss of ten workers’ lives and left three others injured. The blast was so powerful that it completely destroyed five out of the 70 buildings on the factory premises.

Reports indicate that nine individuals were declared dead upon arrival at the Sivakasi government hospital, with one more succumbing to injuries while receiving medical treatment. The deceased were identified as S. Ramesh, A. Karuppasamy, R. Ambika, M. Muthu, K. Aberaj, T. Murugajothi, V. Santharoobi, M. Gurusamy, M. Muniyasamy, and R. Jeya. Meanwhile, the three injured workers, S. Sivakumar, M. Muthukumar, and S. Rengammal, were rushed to Virudhunagar and Sivakasi government hospitals for treatment.

Despite the devastating nature of the incident, no case has been registered by the Alangulam police, who are currently investigating the matter. The Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization officials, who assessed the factory unit, have not disclosed any details regarding their findings.

It has been revealed that more workers were present inside the rooms of the factory unit than permitted, which may have contributed to the tragic explosion. In response to the incident, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin has announced compensation of ₹3 lakh for each of the deceased workers’ families and ₹1 lakh for each of the injured individuals.

The community is left in shock and mourning as they come to terms with the loss of lives in this heartbreaking incident. The authorities are working diligently to uncover the causes behind the explosion and ensure that such tragedies are prevented in the future.

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