Tragic Fire Claims Lives of Three Children in St. Paul Home: Sivntxhi Vang, Ntshiab Si Vang, and Manj Those Nutj Vang

Heartbreaking Fire Claims Lives of Three Children in St. Paul Residence

St. Paul, Minnesota The tight-knit community of St. Paul finds itself in the grip of profound sorrow as the toll of a devastating house fire, which tragically claimed the lives of three children, becomes starkly apparent, according to grieving family members. Pa Cheng Vang, the children’s father, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming support pouring in from the community during this exceptionally challenging period. The tragedy unfolded in the early hours of Wednesday while Vang was at work, intensifying the sense of shock and helplessness.

Tragic Fire Claims Lives of Three Children in St. Paul Home

The young souls lost in this unfathomable incident were 5-year-old twin girls, Sivntxhi Vang and Ntshiab Si Vang, and a 4-year-old boy, Manj Those Nutj Vang. While the demise of Sivntxhi occurred on the day of the fire, the family disclosed the additional heartbreaking news of the other two casualties on a sad Saturday. The family is currently navigating an arduous journey as a 1-year-old child, and their 28-year-old mother remains in critical condition, receiving medical attention. However, a glimmer of hope emerges as the conditions of the two other hospitalized children show signs of improvement.

To avert such devastating occurrences, the father implored all families to actively engage in fire drills at home, particularly at night. He aims to spare other families and the broader community from the anguish his family has endured.

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter, standing in solidarity with the grieving family during a news conference, shared a personal connection with them. Mayor Carter revealed his acquaintance with the couple and their children, highlighting that Vang’s wife, Ker Lor, had previously interned in his office. He extended his deepest sympathies to the family, recognizing the unimaginable pain they are grappling with.

While investigators have deemed the fire accidental, Deputy Fire Chief Roy Mokosso confirmed that the investigation remains ongoing. Notably, the residence was equipped with fully functional smoke detectors, underscoring the critical importance of installing these life-saving devices.

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