Serbian Hitman Shot Dead in Front of Family Identified as Darko Geisler

A Serbian man, Darko Geisler, met a tragic end when he was shot dead in front of his family in Brazil. The shocking incident occurred as Geisler, his wife, and their three-year-old son were returning home and were preparing to store their bikes away. A gunman approached them and without warning, opened fire, killing Geisler in cold blood.

In the aftermath of the murder, police discovered that Geisler was not an ordinary citizen. He was, in fact, a hitman wanted by Interpol for multiple contract killings. This revelation shed light on the possible motive behind his murder, suggesting that it may have been connected to his criminal past.

Luiz Ricardo Lara Dias Jr, the lead officer in the investigation, revealed that Geisler had been on Interpol’s wanted list for almost a decade. He had been living in Brazil under a false Slovenian identity, leading a clandestine life. The victim’s passport turned out to be fraudulent, belonging to a Slovenian citizen who had lost it in 2017.

Further investigation into Geisler’s background unveiled his true identity as a Serbian hitman. He was wanted in Montenegro for multiple homicides, as well as possession of weapons and explosives charges. It is believed that Geisler fled to Bosnia after a prison gate murder on Christmas Day in 2014.

Geisler had managed to elude authorities for years, living in Brazil under the radar. He even managed to start a family, with his wife claiming to have no knowledge of his true identity. Neighbors described him as a friendly man who would take his son to school and engage in conversations with other parents, despite his limited Portuguese.

The gunman who perpetrated the act wore a mask and gloves, leaving the scene in a black car. Brazilian and Montenegrin police are now working together to investigate Geisler’s death and unravel the circumstances surrounding it.

The Independent has reached out to Interpol for further information on this shocking incident. As the investigation continues, more details may come to light, shedding further insight into the life of this wanted hitman and the events that led to his demise.

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