General Hassan bin Jalal Al-Obaidi : Houthis Blamed for Killing of Yemeni Military Official

A high-ranking military official from the Yemeni government was tragically found dead in his apartment in Cairo, according to a statement released by the Yemeni Embassy in Cairo on Sunday.

General Hassan bin Jalal Al-Obaidi, who oversaw manufacturing for the Yemeni military, was discovered bound and stabbed in his Cairo apartment, as reported by Yemeni media outlets. However, these reports have not been officially confirmed by authorities in Egypt or Yemen.

General Al-Obaidi played a crucial role in the development of the Jalal series of armored vehicles used by the Yemeni army, among other military products. He had only arrived in Cairo a week prior to his untimely death and was found murdered on a Saturday night.

Egyptian security services have launched an investigation into the incident, but details remain scarce at this time. The media attache at the Yemeni embassy revealed that General Al-Obaidi had been targeted for assassination by the Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen on multiple occasions.

Ahmed Al-Mosibly, an advisor to the Yemeni information minister, directly blamed the Houthis for General Al-Obaidi’s death, citing their ongoing attacks on international maritime trade and their repeated attempts to eliminate the senior military official.

The shocking death of General Al-Obaidi has sent shockwaves through the Yemeni government and military, raising concerns about the safety and security of key officials in the region. The Yemeni Embassy in Cairo continues to work closely with Egyptian authorities to uncover the truth behind this tragic incident.

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