Woman Fatally Stabbed in Coachella: Suspect Charged with Murder

Coachella Community Shocked by Fatal Stabbing Incident

A tight-knit community in Coachella is left in shock and disbelief after a woman was brutally stabbed in a brazen attack on Sunday evening. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department responded to a distress call reporting an assault with a deadly weapon in the 83000 block of Avenue 48 around 5:50 p.m. When they arrived at the scene, they discovered a 53-year-old Hispanic female named Elba Estrada, who had sustained a stab wound.

Despite receiving immediate first aid, Estrada tragically succumbed to her injuries. The Sheriff’s Department confirmed her untimely demise. The incident has left the residents of Coachella deeply saddened and mourning the loss of a fellow community member.

Shortly after the incident, authorities swiftly apprehended the suspect, Marilyn Cardenas, a 22-year-old woman from San Bernardino. Cardenas has been charged with the murder of Estrada and has been booked into the John J. Benoit Detention Center. Thankfully, her arrest was carried out without any further complications. Law enforcement officials have assured the public that there are no outstanding suspects at this time. However, they are urging anyone with additional information to come forward and assist in the ongoing investigation.

As of now, the motive behind this shocking act of violence remains undisclosed. The Riverside Sheriff’s Department is actively seeking any information that may shed light on the circumstances leading up to the stabbing. They are urging individuals with knowledge about the incident to reach out to Investigator D. Robertson of the Central Homicide Unit at (951) 955-1700 or Investigator Davis-Ardon of the Thermal Sheriff’s Station at (760) 863-8990.

The Coachella community stands united in grief and determination, as they strive to support Estrada’s family during this difficult time. This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of community vigilance and cooperation in preventing such senseless acts of violence. The residents of Coachella are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of their community.

Let us stand together in solidarity and work towards a safer future, free from violence and tragedy.

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