Kulgam Police Seizes Property of Barkatullah Mir, Notorious Drug Peddler

Police in Kulgam, Srinagar, have taken strict action against a notorious drug peddler by attaching his property. The property, an under-construction house on 10 Marla of land, was identified as illegally acquired during the course of a police investigation. The owner, Barkatullah Mir, is known for his involvement in the illegal trafficking of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

The action taken by the police is in accordance with section 68-F (2) of the NDPS Act 1985, which allows for the attachment of property acquired through illicit means. This move demonstrates the police’s commitment to combating the drug menace in the area.

Barkatullah Mir, the drug peddler, has been involved in multiple cases related to drug trafficking. He is named in Case FIR number 69/2021 of Police Station Kulgam and FIR number 03/2018 of Police Station Yaripora.

The attachment of the property has been welcomed by the local community. The residents of the area appreciate the police’s efforts to target the assets that have been raised or used from the proceeds of illicit drug trafficking. This action sends a strong message that drug peddlers will not be allowed to benefit from their illegal activities.

Kulgam, where this incident took place, is a district in the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Located in the southern part of the Kashmir Valley, Kulgam is known for its scenic beauty and agricultural productivity.

The police’s action against Barkatullah Mir serves as a significant step towards curbing drug-related crimes in the region. By attaching his property, the authorities are not only disrupting his criminal activities but also sending a clear message to other drug peddlers.

The fight against drug abuse and trafficking requires collective efforts from law enforcement agencies and the community. The attachment of the property is a positive development in the ongoing battle against drugs in Kulgam, and it is hoped that such actions will deter others from engaging in similar illegal activities.

In conclusion, the police in Kulgam have taken decisive action against a notorious drug peddler by attaching his illegally acquired property. This move showcases their commitment to eradicating the drug menace in the area and sends a strong message to other offenders.

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