Man Found Dead in Car Identified as Clinton Dorsey: Therapist Travis McBride Arrested for Murder

DeLand Police Update: Man Found Dead in Car Identified as Clinton Dorsey

DeLand, Florida – In a shocking turn of events, DeLand Police have provided an update following the discovery of a man found dead inside a car. The victim has been identified as 51-year-old Clinton Dorsey. It has been revealed that a local therapist, Travis McBride, is the prime suspect in this tragic incident.

McBride appeared in court on Friday and is currently being held without bond on a first-degree, premeditated murder charge. The initial call reporting the murder came in on Thursday morning and stated, “There’s been a murder that happened. We got a couple of eyewitnesses, and I believe the person right now he’s looking at the road, cleaning up the blood off the ground.”

While the motive behind the crime remains unclear, DeLand Police Chief Jason Umberger shared some details about the relationship between McBride and the victim. “We believe there was an ongoing dispute between him, meaning our suspect, Travis McBride, and our victim,” Chief Umberger stated. He also confirmed that Dorsey’s body was found in the trunk of McBride’s car.

Eyewitnesses at the scene saw the chilling events unfold. When questioned by the 911 dispatcher about the location of the body, one witness responded, “I don’t know. I just saw him drag the body across the road. He put it in his car, and then he left. And then he came back, and not even 10 minutes ago he started scrubbing the road, and now I see him in the yard with a flashlight looking around.”

Authorities found McBride near the site of the shooting. It was also discovered that he both worked and lived in a nearby shopping center. The investigation into how this business is connected to the shooting is still ongoing.

WESH 2 News was present on Thursday when investigators shattered a window and gained entry into the location. The incident has left the community in shock and disbelief, and police are actively working to uncover more details surrounding this tragic event.

As the investigation continues, our thoughts are with the family and friends of Clinton Dorsey during this difficult time.

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