Jacksonville Man Arrested at Orlando Airport with 50 Pounds of Marijuana

Jacksonville Man Arrested at Orlando International Airport with 50 Pounds of Marijuana

A Jacksonville man has been apprehended and is now in custody at the Orange County jail after being caught with nearly 50 pounds of marijuana concealed in his luggage. The incident took place at Orlando International Airport, where law enforcement officers successfully detected the illicit substance.

The investigation began on the morning of January 3 when a United Airlines flight from Los Angeles arrived at the airport. Orlando Police Department officers, specifically those assigned to the airport unit, decided to employ a drug detection dog to conduct a thorough search of the luggage from the flight.

Los Angeles is known to be a significant source city for drug trafficking, which prompted the officers to be on high alert. In an incident report, it was documented that the drug-sniffing dogs provided a positive alert for the presence of illegal drugs emanating from two separate suitcases bearing the same name.

Upon receiving a description of the suitcases, plain-clothes officers stationed at the baggage claim area closely monitored the situation. They observed an unidentified man removing the bags from the luggage carousel and handing them over to another individual, later identified as 31-year-old Jacque Jordan.

The officers promptly intercepted Jordan as he headed towards the vehicle pick-up area with the suitcases in tow. When asked for consent to search the bags, Jordan willingly complied. Upon opening the suitcases, officers discovered that each one contained 18 vacuum-sealed bags of a green leafy substance, later confirmed to be cannabis. The vacuum-sealed bags were cleverly concealed within sheets and towels.

In total, the seized cannabis weighed approximately 47.2 pounds, divided into 36 vacuum-sealed bags. As a result, Jordan now faces charges of trafficking in more than 25 pounds of cannabis, possession of cannabis with intent to sell or deliver, and conspiracy to import cannabis into the state.

Currently, Jordan remains in the Orange County jail, with his bond set at $31,000. The confiscated cannabis has been properly packaged and submitted to the Orlando Police Department’s property and evidence department.

This incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts by law enforcement agencies to combat drug trafficking and ensure the safety of the community. It also highlights the importance of vigilant airport security measures in detecting and apprehending individuals involved in illicit activities.

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