Hawaii Homeless Woman Arrested for Dragging Newborn by Umbilical Cord

Hawaii Woman Arrested After Allegedly Dragging Newborn Baby by Umbilical Cord

A shocking incident unfolded last week in Hilo, Hawaii, when a homeless woman was arrested for allegedly dragging her newborn baby by the umbilical cord shortly after giving birth. The distressing incident took place on a sidewalk, and emergency crews were quick to respond.

The woman, identified as Ashley Aileen Maile Lum, gave birth to the child in broad daylight, right in front of Pineapples Restaurant. Numerous witnesses were present and were able to provide crucial information to the authorities. According to reports, the woman was seen dragging the newborn, still attached by the umbilical cord, prompting immediate action.

Medical professionals arrived at the scene and promptly cut the cord before attending to the baby. Although the child was breathing, they noticed that it was not moving. Concerningly, Lum attempted to flee the scene after being separated from the child, but the police swiftly apprehended her. She was subsequently arrested on charges of child abandonment.

Thankfully, the baby was taken to a local hospital and found to be in good condition. Child Welfare Services assumed custody of the child, ensuring its safety and well-being. According to a pediatric doctor who examined the baby, it was fortunate that its life was spared.

Authorities revealed that Lum’s pregnancy was at approximately 38 weeks, making the baby viable outside the womb. This shocking incident has left law enforcement officers astounded, with Captain Rio Amon-Wilkins of the East Hawaii Criminal Investigation Division stating that he has never encountered a case like this in his 25 years of service.

Lum has been released pending further investigation but has been transferred to a hospital for necessary treatment and observation. The incident has raised questions about the support available to homeless individuals and the need for better resources in such situations.

The community is grateful that the baby survived this traumatic ordeal, and it is hoped that appropriate measures will be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of both mother and child moving forward.

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