Tariq, Javed, Shabbir, Arshad : Delhi Cops on Overnight Search Op: Suspicious Men with Bags – PCR Alert

Title: Apple Traders Mistaken for Terrorists in Delhi: A Night of Panic and Misunderstanding

In a case of mistaken identity, a PCR call reporting the presence of four possible terrorists roaming northwest Delhi at night set off a frantic search operation by the city police and intelligence agencies. However, it was later discovered that the individuals in question were actually apple traders from Kashmir.

The Incident:
The incident unfolded around 10.30 pm on Thursday when authorities at Mahendra Park in northwest Delhi received an alarming call from an anonymous individual. The caller described four “suspicious men” carrying polythene bags in the area, raising concerns of a potential terrorist threat. Responding swiftly, the police sprang into action to locate the quartet.

The Discovery:
After approximately 20 minutes, the police successfully located the four men, identified as Tariq, Javed, Shabbir, and Arshad, who hailed from Baramulla and nearby regions in the Kashmir valley. Further investigation revealed that they were apple farmers who had traveled to Delhi’s Azadpur Mandi for business purposes.

Joint Interrogation and Search Operation:
In response to the initial report, the special cell and the intelligence bureau were alerted, leading to a joint interrogation of the individuals. The police also conducted a thorough search of their accommodation for any suspicious items. Additionally, the house owner, Prem Kumar, a businessman himself, was temporarily detained for questioning.

Innocence Confirmed:
After an extensive overnight investigation, the police concluded that the men were innocent and had come to Delhi solely for the purpose of conducting transactions and managing their apple trade accounts. This information was verified by authorities in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Misunderstanding:
During the interrogation, the men explained that they had gone out for a walk after consuming a non-vegetarian meal and had disposed of the leftover bones. It was speculated that a local resident, possibly due to their appearance or attire, had mistaken them for suspicious individuals and alerted the police.

The Caller’s State:
Meanwhile, the caller, identified as Ajay, was located by another police team. It was discovered that he was intoxicated at the time of the incident and had observed the quartet being surrounded by barking stray dogs, likely due to the bones they were carrying. As no evidence of wrongdoing was found, the men were allowed to leave, and the case was closed.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of accurate information and understanding before jumping to conclusions. The innocent apple traders were subjected to unnecessary interrogation and a search operation due to a misunderstanding. It highlights the need for better communication and awareness to prevent such incidents in the future.

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