Inmate Tylee Thompson Escapes from Henderson County Detention Center

Escape of Inmate Prompts Investigation by Kentucky State Police

EVANSVILLE, Ind. – In a recent turn of events, the Kentucky State Police (KSP) are currently conducting an investigation into the escape of an inmate from the Henderson County Detention Center. This incident took place on Friday night, just after 9 p.m.

The inmate, identified as 33-year-old Tylee Thompson, was last seen heading northeast of the jail. At the time of his escape, Thompson was wearing tan inmate clothing. He is described as being 5 feet 11 inches tall, with brown eyes, brown hair, and multiple tattoos on his arms.

Authorities are actively seeking any information that might lead to Thompson’s whereabouts. The Kentucky State Police are urging individuals with relevant information to come forward and assist in the search efforts.

This escape has prompted a swift response from law enforcement agencies in the surrounding area, as they work together to locate and apprehend Thompson. The details surrounding his escape, including how he managed to evade detention center security, are currently under investigation.

In light of this incident, the public is advised to exercise caution and report any sightings or information related to Thompson to the Kentucky State Police immediately. The prompt and efficient response of the community can greatly contribute to ensuring public safety and the swift recapture of the escaped inmate.

The Henderson County Detention Center is a facility located in Evansville, Indiana. It serves as a correctional institution for individuals awaiting trial or serving sentences for various offenses. The center’s primary goal is to maintain the security and well-being of both inmates and staff.

The Kentucky State Police are dedicated to maintaining law and order within the state. They work tirelessly to ensure the safety of the community and bring justice to those who have violated the law. Investigations such as this are taken seriously, as the escape of an inmate poses potential risks to public safety.

In conclusion, the escape of inmate Tylee Thompson from the Henderson County Detention Center has prompted a thorough investigation by the Kentucky State Police. Authorities are actively seeking any information that could aid in locating Thompson and returning him to custody. The cooperation and assistance of the public are vital in ensuring the swift resolution of this incident and the preservation of public safety.

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