Key Accused in Patel Family Deaths Case Traced in Canada

Tragic Incident: Key Suspect in Patel Family Deaths Found in Canada

Ahmedabad: Fenil Patel, one of the key accused persons in the case pertaining to the deaths of four members of a Patel family from Dingucha village in Gandhinagar district on the Canada-US border in January 2022, has been traced to the outskirts of Toronto in Canada. The second accused in the case, Bittu Paji, is also believed to be in Canada.

The investigation into the deaths of Jagdish Patel, his wife Vaishali, and their children Vihangi and Dharmik has been ongoing since their bodies were found frozen to death in the aftermath of a snowstorm. The incident shed light on organized human trafficking and caused shockwaves in both India and Canada.

Fenil Patel and Bittu Paji are accused of driving the Patel family to the Canada-US border, where they tragically perished due to inadequate warm clothing for the harsh weather conditions. The authorities in Gujarat have been working tirelessly to bring the accused back to India to face charges of culpable homicide and human trafficking.

Patel was located by a team from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) during the filming of a documentary called ‘Fifth Estate.’ However, their attempts to interview him were unsuccessful, as he refused to speak. The team managed to confirm his identity outside his home, but he remained tight-lipped about the case.

Efforts are now underway to extradite both Fenil Patel and Bittu Paji back to India. The Gujarat police have been in correspondence with the Canadian authorities and have already issued Red Corner Notices against the two accused.

This is not the first case of its kind in Gujarat. The Chaudhary family, consisting of four members, also lost their lives in a tragic boating accident in March 2023. Two of the accused in that case are believed to be in Canada and the US, respectively.

The Patel family’s deaths have brought attention to the dangerous and illegal practice of human trafficking, with suspects exploiting desperate individuals seeking a better life in the United States. The investigation into these cases continues, with the hope of bringing justice to the victims and their families.

In conclusion, the search for justice in the Patel family deaths has led investigators to Canada, where key suspect Fenil Patel has been located. The authorities in Gujarat are working diligently to bring him and his accomplice back to India to face charges. These incidents highlight the dangers of human trafficking and the need for greater efforts to combat this illegal practice.

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