Royal Daniel III : What Happened to Him? Has He Been Found? – Unsolved Mystery Update

Royal Daniel III, also known as Scoop, was a well-known lawyer based in Breckenridge, Colorado. However, in April 2007, he mysteriously disappeared from his office, leaving his colleagues and loved ones worried and confused. The investigation into his disappearance is explored in the episode ‘Disappeared: Royal Secrets,’ which delves into the efforts to uncover the truth and determine if he was eventually found.

Born on September 28, 1945, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Scoop had an impressive educational background, graduating from Yale University and pursuing a legal education at the University of Virginia. After working in various law firms in Washington D.C., he co-founded his own firm, The Daniel Law Firm, in 1990. However, his personal life faced challenges, and he divorced his wife in 1994. Following the divorce, Scoop moved to Breckenridge, Colorado, where he established himself as a respected real estate attorney.

In his new community, Scoop chose to keep his previous life in Washington a secret, including his past marriage and children. He dedicated his time to helping West African immigrants with their green card applications and actively participated in charitable organizations and non-governmental organizations. He was widely regarded as an upstanding citizen committed to making positive contributions to society.

On the morning of April 27, 2007, Scoop dropped off his girlfriend at her home before heading to his office. However, when his office manager arrived later that morning, she noticed signs of his presence but no sign of Scoop himself. Concerns grew as he missed meetings and couldn’t be reached, leading his colleagues to report his disappearance to the authorities.

The investigation initially explored the possibility of abduction or harm, but none of these theories seemed to fit. A call from Scoop’s phone was traced to his office, but there was no sign of him. As the police delved deeper into the case, they began to suspect Scoop himself. His unusual behavior on the morning of his disappearance, such as arriving at the office earlier than usual, raised suspicions. Additionally, his girlfriend mentioned that he had never locked his house before, but on that morning, he not only locked it but also gave her a key to his apartment.

Further investigation into Scoop’s finances revealed that he had embezzled approximately $900,000 from his company and clients in real estate transactions. An arrest warrant was issued for him, and his law practice license was suspended. However, Scoop remained missing for more than four years until he was flagged down while trying to cross the border from Mexico to California in 2011.

Scoop explained to the police that he had faced severe financial difficulties, which led him to embezzle funds in an attempt to sustain his business. He claimed to have contemplated suicide but never followed through. Instead, he spent the next four years living a humble life in Acapulco, Mexico, unaware of the arrest warrant against him. He returned to the US to make amends and entered into a plea deal, serving time in a Colorado State Prison.

As of the latest reports, Scoop, now 78 years old, is currently on parole. The case of his disappearance and subsequent arrest remains a fascinating and puzzling mystery.

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