Anand Sujith Henry : Indian American Family Found Dead in California – Tragic Incident Unveiled

A tragic incident has left a family of four from Kerala, India, dead inside their home in San Mateo, California. The bodies of Anand Sujith Henry (42), his wife Alice Priyanka (40), and their twin children Noah and Neithan (4) were discovered on Tuesday, February 13, 2024.

According to the San Mateo police, two of the victims were found with gunshot wounds, while the cause of death for the other two is still under investigation. The police are considering the possibility of a murder-suicide but have not ruled out other scenarios.

Initially, the family’s relatives suspected that carbon monoxide poisoning may have been the cause of death. The family had complained of headaches and nausea in the past, leading to speculation that the air conditioner or heater may have been malfunctioning. However, the police found no evidence of gas leakage or faulty appliances in the house.

Anand and Alice had been living in the US for the past nine years, working as IT professionals. Anand was a software engineer, while Alice held a senior analyst position. The couple had moved to San Mateo County from New Jersey two years ago and had established a good reputation among their neighbors and colleagues. They were described as friendly, hardworking, and devoted parents.

The Indian Consulate in San Francisco is providing consular assistance to the family members in India and has expressed its condolences to the bereaved family and the Indian American community.

The motive behind this tragic incident remains unclear, and the police are awaiting the results of the autopsy and forensic analysis. They have appealed to the public to come forward with any information that could help them solve the case.

This unfortunate event adds to a series of incidents involving Indian students in the US. Just last week, Sameer Kamath, a Purdue University student, was found dead in Warren County. Neel Acharya, another Purdue student, was found dead on campus last month after being missing for several days. These incidents have raised concerns within the Indian American community.

As the investigation continues, authorities hope that more information will come to light, shedding light on this heartbreaking tragedy.

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