Erin : Woolworths Shopper Shocked by Son’s Juice Find: “We Were Horrified!”

An Australian mother recently shared a horrifying experience involving her five-year-old son and a Woolworths drink that left the young boy with an upset stomach. The mother, identified only as Erin from Queensland, recounted how her son drank from a juice box purchased at Woolworths, only to discover black bits inside.

Erin had left her son with her mother while she took her daughter to an appointment. When her son asked for a drink, his grandmother poured the drink into a cup and noticed black bits coming out of the spout. Concerned, Erin investigated further and found what appeared to be mould and large black pieces inside the carton.

Despite only having a few sips, Erin’s son experienced an upset stomach afterward. Fortunately, his symptoms were mild, but it was a worrying experience for the family. Erin shared her story online, prompting other mothers to speculate on the cause of the contamination.

After contacting Woolworths, Food Safety Queensland, and the juice manufacturer Bega Foodservice, Erin received a $10 voucher from Woolworths. The supermarket chain assured that the incident seemed isolated and that they were investigating the matter with the supplier.

Erin’s warning to other parents is clear – always check food and drink items before consumption, especially for young children. The safety and quality of products should be a top priority for manufacturers and retailers to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

The incident serves as a reminder to remain vigilant when it comes to food safety, especially for vulnerable populations like young children. It also highlights the importance of reporting such incidents to ensure accountability and prevent potential harm to consumers.

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