Steven Kenneth Risku : “Remains Found in Colorado Mountains Identified as Indiana Man”

In a remote mountain pass in Colorado, human remains were discovered 33 years ago and have now been identified through modern forensic tests. The remains belonged to Steven Kenneth Risku, a man in his mid-30s who lived in Indiana at the time of his death. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation, in collaboration with the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office, was able to solve this cold case using genetic genealogy, dental records, and other investigative tools.

Background on Wolf Creek Pass

Wolf Creek Pass, located in the San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado, is known for its dangerous and sometimes deadly vehicle crashes. Despite this reputation, Risku’s presence in the mountains raised questions about foul play in his death. Risku’s family mentioned that he occasionally traveled to California from Indiana and described him as an adventurous person who loved the outdoors. However, the circumstances that led him to the Colorado mountains remain unknown.

Sheriff’s Call for Information

Mineral County Sheriff Terry Wetherill emphasized the importance of this identification in providing closure to Risku’s family. He urged anyone with information about Risku’s presence on Wolf Creek Pass to come forward and contact the sheriff’s office at 719-658-2600.

More Details on Risku’s Background

Risku’s mysterious journey to the remote mountain pass has left investigators puzzled. With no clear motive or explanation for his presence in Colorado, authorities are seeking additional information to piece together the events leading to his untimely death.

Expert Commentary

Emily Mae Czachor, a reporter and news editor at CBS News, highlighted the significance of solving this cold case. She emphasized the collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies and the use of modern forensic techniques to bring closure to Risku’s family.

In conclusion, the identification of Steven Kenneth Risku’s remains after 33 years sheds light on a long-standing mystery. The search for answers continues as authorities seek to uncover the truth behind his presence on Wolf Creek Pass.

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