Mohammad Khdour : “Justice for Palestinian-American Families: US and Israel under scrutiny”

In a tragic incident that has shocked many, 17-year-old Mohammad Khdour, a Florida-born US citizen, was shot and killed in the occupied West Bank. The last moments of his life were captured in photos and videos, showing him enjoying a care-free day with his cousin in Biddu, before an Israeli gunman opened fire on their car, fatally shooting Khdour in the head.

The heartbreaking death of Khdour comes just weeks after another 17-year-old Palestinian-American, Tawfic Abdel Jabbar, was also shot in the head under similar circumstances in the same region. The lack of accountability and response from the United States government has left Palestinian-Americans frustrated and seeking justice for their loved ones.

Videos from the aftermath of Khdour’s shooting show people rushing to help him, but he tragically passed away hours later at a hospital in Ramallah. The Israeli Defense Forces have referred questions about the case to the Israeli Security Agency, Shin Bet, which has not yet responded to inquiries from CNN.

The families of Khdour and Abdel Jabbar are still waiting for updates from authorities, with no arrests made in either case. US consular officials and investigators have visited the families in the West Bank, but there is a growing concern about the lack of progress in the investigations.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has offered condolences to the families of the two teenagers and called for a thorough investigation into their deaths. However, the families are skeptical about the outcome, given past incidents where Israeli forces have not been held accountable for the deaths of American citizens in the region.

The killing of American citizens in occupied Palestinian territories by Israeli forces is not a new issue, with cases dating back years. The lack of accountability and justice in these cases has raised concerns about the safety and protection of Palestinian-Americans in the region.

As Khdour’s family continues to seek justice for his death, they remain hopeful but acknowledge the challenges they may face in obtaining the accountability they deserve. The lack of resolution in past cases involving Palestinian-American victims has cast a shadow of doubt on the outcome of their quest for justice.

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