Danny Estalin Maurad-Avecillas : Miami Ride-Share Driver Faces Fraud, Assault Charges

In Miami, a ride-share driver, 49-year-old Danny Estalin Maurad-Avecillas, was arrested on fraud charges but is now facing new allegations of sexual assault. The City of Miami Police revealed that Maurad-Avecillas was initially charged with credit card fraud and fraudulent possession of identification. However, further investigation has uncovered more troubling accusations.

**Allegations of Sexual Assault**

The investigation by Miami PD involves a ride-share driver using a silver or black SUV who is believed to be targeting women in the evening, luring them in, intoxicating them, robbing them, and potentially sexually assaulting them. One victim reported waking up naked in a motel with no memory of how she got there after leaving a bar in an Uber with friends.

**Incident Details**

The victim, visiting from California with two male friends, left a bar with one of her friends who ordered an Uber described as a gray Honda HR-V. CCTV footage showed the victim getting into a gray Chevrolet Traverse instead before waking up the next day in a motel with bruises, pain, and missing money. The victim’s friend confirmed warning her that she was entering the wrong Uber.

**Arrest and Investigation**

Miami Police reviewed CCTV footage from a gas station showing Maurad-Avecillas arriving in a gray Chevy Traverse with a passenger wearing dark clothing. He was seen pumping gas and later checking into the motel with the victim. The victim’s bank transactions revealed charges at the gas station, leading to Maurad-Avecillas’ arrest at his residence in Miami-Dade.

**Call for Information**

Miami Police are urging anyone with information or who may have been a victim of a similar crime to come forward. They can contact the Special Victims Unit at (305) 603-6300 or (305) 579-6111 or via email at svu@miami-police.org.

Stay informed and stay safe. If you have any information that could help with this investigation, do not hesitate to reach out to the authorities. Let’s work together to ensure the safety of our communities.

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