Joey Shaun Symond : “Salt Lake City Man Charged with Credit Union Robbery”

**Arrest Made in Cyprus Credit Union Robbery Case**

Recently, a federal grand jury in Salt Lake City indicted Joey Shaun Symond, 44, for the robbery of Cyprus Credit Union in West Valley. The incident took place at the branch located at 3432 W. 3500 South on Feb. 10. Symond entered the credit union and handed a teller a note threatening to harm them if they did not comply with his demands for money.

**Identification of the Suspect**

After the robbery, Unified Police Department (UPD) received a tip from a relative of Symond, who claimed that he had committed the crime and was at their home. UPD officers arrived at the location and positively identified Symond as the suspect. A significant amount of cash was seized during his arrest.

**Criminal Record**

Symond has a history of criminal activities dating back to 1999, including a previous arrest for robbery in 2009. However, the charges were later dismissed without prejudice. A two-day jury trial has been scheduled for Apr. 26 in Salt Lake City to address the recent robbery case.

**Community Safety Initiative**

The Department of Justice stated that the case was part of Project Safe Neighborhoods, a program aimed at reducing violent crime and gun violence in communities. By bringing together various law enforcement agencies and community members, the initiative strives to create safer neighborhoods for everyone.

In conclusion, Symond’s indictment and arrest highlight the collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies in ensuring public safety and holding individuals accountable for criminal activities. The upcoming trial will provide further insight into the details of the robbery case at Cyprus Credit Union.

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