Christian Meeks : Moreno Valley Pimp Sentenced: 56 Years

A man from Moreno Valley has been sentenced to over five decades in prison for his involvement in human trafficking and assault on women. Christian Scott Meeks, 35, was found guilty of multiple charges including pimping, assault, and witness intimidation by a Riverside jury. The incident came to light when deputies responded to a disturbance at a motel in Moreno Valley, where they found a young woman, known only as “M.S.,” who was being forced into prostitution by Meeks.

**Investigation and Arrest**

The investigation into Meeks began in January 2020, after deputies discovered the young woman in distress. She revealed that Meeks had coerced her into providing sexual services to clients he arranged through various means. The investigation by the Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force revealed that Meeks used physical threats to control the women he exploited. Another woman, identified as “J.L.,” was also a victim of Meeks’ violent behavior when she refused to work for him as a call girl.

**Violent Confrontation and Arrest**

Meeks was involved in a violent confrontation with J.L. outside a liquor store, where he physically assaulted her after she declined his offers to work for him. Another woman, “V.B.,” was also targeted by Meeks when she refused to engage in sexual activities as part of his operation. Meeks was arrested in 2021 after investigators gathered enough evidence to put him under surveillance. Despite his prior convictions for theft and robbery, Meeks continued his criminal activities until his arrest.


The sentencing of Christian Scott Meeks to 56 years and 8 months in prison serves as a reminder of the dangers of human trafficking and exploitation. The case highlights the importance of law enforcement efforts to combat such crimes and protect vulnerable individuals from harm.

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