Kobe Stancombe : Lawrence County Homicide Suspect Arrested: Standoff in Orange County

**Tragic shooting Incident Unfolds in Bedford**

In a devastating turn of events on Saturday morning, the peaceful town of Bedford was rocked by a fatal shooting. The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office received a distressing 911 call reporting a shooting in progress at around 5:30 am. When officers rushed to the scene, they discovered the lifeless body of a 21-year-old male victim, identified as Kobe Stancombe, who had succumbed to a gunshot wound.

**Suspects on the Run**

Eyewitnesses at the scene provided crucial information to law enforcement officers, revealing that the suspects, later identified as 38-year-old Casey C. Brown of Ft. Ritnerfor and 39-year-old Bradley Harper Jr. of Bedford, had fled the scene in a vehicle. A frantic search ensued as authorities sought to bring the perpetrators to justice.

**Standoff in Orange County**

The tense situation took a dramatic turn when the suspects’ vehicle was spotted by Paoli Police and Orange County Sheriff’s officers as it pulled into a gas station on Main Street in Paoli around 1 PM. A high-stakes standoff unfolded as officers conducted a felony stop, demanding the occupants to exit the vehicle. While Harper complied without incident, Brown adamantly refused to surrender, leading to a protracted standoff.

**Desperate Measures**

Efforts to negotiate with Brown proved futile as he brandished a firearm and disregarded commands from law enforcement. In a bid to diffuse the situation, officers deployed various non-lethal techniques, including pepper balls and gas canisters. Despite these efforts, Brown remained defiant, ultimately resorting to a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

**Emergency Response**

Swift action by officers saw Brown promptly removed from the vehicle and administered life-saving measures before being rushed to IU Health in Paoli and later transferred to the University of Louisville Hospital. Thankfully, no officers or members of the public were harmed during the standoff. Meanwhile, Harper was taken into custody for questioning as the investigation into the tragic incident continues to unfold.

**Unraveling the Mystery**

Preliminary findings suggest that Brown, Harper, Stancombe, and a female acquaintance were all together in the vehicle used by the suspects to flee the scene. Tragically, Stancombe was fatally shot, while the female narrowly escaped multiple gunshots as she fled from the vehicle. The community of Bedford is left reeling from the senseless violence that has shattered the peace of their close-knit town.

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