P Sathyavelu : “New Delhi Police Arrest Thieves Posing as Deaf & Mute | Delhi News”

In a surprising turn of events, four men have been apprehended by the Delhi Police for masquerading as deaf and mute individuals and orchestrating a series of thefts in the bustling city. The accused, hailing from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, would make their way to Delhi from Tamil Nadu via train and target paying guest accommodations (PGs) frequented by students.

The modus operandi of the criminals involved capitalizing on moments of distraction among students residing in these PGs. They would wait for opportune times when doors were left ajar and valuables unattended, swiftly making away with electronic devices. To avoid detection, the accused would leave behind their own phones and swiftly return to their home states to sell the stolen goods.

The masterminds behind this elaborate scheme were identified as P Sathyavelu, Shiva, Kumar, and Prabhu, all in their early twenties. The police were alerted to their activities following a spate of burglaries reported at student accommodations. Deputy Commissioner of Police Ankit Chauhan revealed that a meticulous operation led by Inspector Dheeraj Mahlawat culminated in the arrest of the quartet.

Upon questioning, the accused would feign communication barriers, resorting to gestures and presenting forged documents to mislead the authorities. A search of their belongings yielded a cache of stolen mobile phones and laptops, confirming their involvement in the crimes. The thieves strategically targeted residences near educational institutions, knowing that students possessed valuable gadgets.

This incident sheds light on the importance of vigilance and security measures, particularly in densely populated areas. The swift action taken by law enforcement serves as a reminder of the constant efforts to curb criminal activities and ensure the safety of residents.

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