Las Vegas Police Seek Help in Homicide Case Involving Yesenia Maldonado

Las Vegas Police Seek Public’s Help in Locating Woman Connected to Homicide

Las Vegas police are reaching out to the public for assistance in locating a woman who may have vital information about a homicide that took place in the east valley in late December. Identified as Yesenia Maldonado, the woman is being sought as a key witness in the ongoing investigation.

The incident occurred on December 23, 2023, around 3:42 a.m., when officers responded to reports of a shooting in the 3400 block of Greenwood Springs Drive. They discovered a man with apparent gunshot wounds lying on the sidewalk. He was quickly rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Tragically, despite medical intervention, the victim succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased.

As detectives delved deeper into the case, they learned that an unidentified female, who was seen with the victim after the shooting, fled the scene in a black vehicle before the authorities arrived. The police believe that she may possess crucial information that could aid in solving the crime.

This plea for information is an effort by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) to engage the community and encourage individuals who may have witnessed or have knowledge of the incident to come forward. The LVMPD Homicide Section can be contacted at 702-828-3521 or via email at For those who wish to remain anonymous, Crime Stoppers can be reached at 702-385-5555 or through their website,

The shooting took place in the east valley, an area known for its residential neighborhoods and commercial establishments. Situated in the eastern outskirts of Las Vegas, the east valley offers a mix of residential communities, shopping centers, and recreational facilities. The incident has left the community shocked and concerned about the safety of their neighborhood.

Law enforcement agencies are urging anyone with any information about this incident to come forward and assist in bringing justice to the victim and closure to his family. By working together, the community and the police can ensure that such acts of violence are not tolerated and that the perpetrators are held accountable for their actions.

In conclusion, the Las Vegas police are seeking the public’s help to locate Yesenia Maldonado, a potential key witness in a homicide case. The incident took place in the east valley, and anyone with information is urged to contact the LVMPD Homicide Section or Crime Stoppers to contribute to the ongoing investigation. Let us all work together to make our communities safer and bring justice to those affected by such tragic events.

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