Tragic Car Accident Claims Lives of Margaret Erdie and Zaquan George at I-79 Bridgeport Intersection

Tragic Car accident Claims the Lives of Margaret Erdie and Zaquan George at the I-79 Bridgeport Intersection

The Bridgeport community is reeling from a devastating car accident that took place on the I-79, leaving a lasting impact on all who knew the victims. Margaret Erdie, 19, and Zaquan George, 21, lost their lives in the incident, reminding us all of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing our loved ones.

The accident occurred on January 3, 2024, at the 149 mile marker on Interstate 79. While the exact details are still under investigation by the Monongalia County Sheriff’s Office, it is believed that multiple vehicles were involved. This tragic incident resulted in the loss of two lives and caused significant traffic disruptions in both directions.

Margaret Erdie, a resident of Morgantown, was known for her warm and friendly nature. She had recently graduated from Morgantown High School and had begun her career in customer service. Zaquan George, also from Fairmont, was a beloved member of the community. His infectious warmth and dedication left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who knew him.

The Monongalia County Sheriff’s Department is diligently investigating the accident to gather more information and determine the exact cause. The closure of both the northbound and southbound lanes of I-79 for approximately five hours resulted in significant traffic disruptions. The severity of the injuries sustained by the other victims is currently unknown, as they were taken to JW Ruby Memorial Hospital for treatment. Anyone with information about the accident is urged to contact the Monongalia County Sheriff’s Office.

Margaret Erdie, affectionately known as Maggie, was born on September 15, 2004, in Fairmont, WV. She brought joy and warmth to everyone she encountered. Maggie graduated from Morgantown High School in 2023 and had already made a name for herself in the customer service industry. Her friendly and outgoing nature endeared her to customers, who appreciated her genuine care and attention.

Maggie is survived by her parents, Joshua Erdie and Cecily Greco, as well as her siblings, husband, children, and grandchildren. She will be deeply missed by her extended family, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends.

Zaquan George, born on January 3, 2003, in Fairmont, was a remarkable young man who touched the lives of many. His warmth and dedication were evident from a young age, and he grew up surrounded by the love and support of his family and friends. Zaquan’s impact on the Fairmont community will never be forgotten.

To honor Margaret Erdie and Zaquan George, a visitation and celebration of life will be held for each of them. The visitation for Margaret will take place on January 19, 2024, at Domico Funeral Home in Fairmont, WV. The celebration of life for Zaquan will be held on January 13, 2024, at Covenant Church in Fairmont. These gatherings will provide an opportunity for friends, family, and all those who loved Margaret and Zaquan to come together, share memories, and find solace in each other’s presence.

The tragic car accident on I-79 in Bridgeport has left a lasting impact on the community. As we mourn the loss of Margaret Erdie and Zaquan George, let us remember their lives and the positive impact they had on those around them.

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