Chatham-Kent Launches 2024 Immigration Survey to Improve Community Integration

Chatham-Kent’s Changing Demographics: Municipality Launches 2024 Immigration Survey

Chatham-Kent, a growing community in Ontario, Canada, is experiencing a shift in its population demographics. To ensure that the community remains welcoming to everyone, the Municipality and the CK Local Immigration Partnership (CK LIP) have launched the 2024 Immigration Survey.

The survey serves as a follow-up to the initial one conducted in 2020, aiming to gain insights into the experiences of immigrant residents and monitor local trends. By hearing directly from those who have chosen to make Chatham-Kent their home, the community can continue to thrive and grow.

According to the most recent Census data from Canada in 2021, Chatham-Kent is home to 9,240 immigrants, accounting for just over nine percent of the municipality’s population. This significant number emphasizes the importance of understanding the needs and experiences of this diverse group.

In the previous survey conducted four years ago, 116 individuals participated. The respondents represented all age groups, with the youngest being 16 years old. The majority, 58.6 percent, fell into the age range of 25-44. Most participants had lived in the area for 1-5 years and possessed a high level of education. Over 73 percent were employed, with the largest groups working in professional, scientific, or technical services (18.8 percent), healthcare and social assistance (12.9 percent), and manufacturing (7.1 percent).

Racial and ethnic affiliation also played a role in the survey findings. Roughly 32 percent identified as white, while the second largest group, at 17 percent, identified as South Asian. The third largest group comprised 11 percent of Latin American individuals.

To gauge the community’s level of inclusivity and welcoming atmosphere, the survey consists of 30 questions based on the 19 characteristics of a welcoming community. These questions touch on various aspects, such as access to housing, employment, and transportation. Additionally, respondents are asked about their experiences with community engagement and their sense of belonging.

In an effort to be inclusive and accessible to a wider range of residents, the previous survey was available in five languages: English, French, Arabic, Spanish, and Low German. This year’s version has expanded to include Punjabi and Ukrainian.

The survey is currently open and will remain so until February 12. If you would like to participate and share your experiences, you can find the survey [here](

By providing valuable insights through this survey, the residents of Chatham-Kent can contribute to shaping a welcoming community that celebrates diversity and fosters growth.

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