Illegal Arms Dealer Arrested for Murder of Woman in Rajasthan

Illegal Arms Dealer Arrested in Rajasthan Turns Out to Be Absconding Murderer

In a shocking turn of events, an illegal arms dealer arrested by the Udaipur police has been revealed to be an absconding accused in a murder case. The accused, identified as Rahul Raj Chaturvedi, was apprehended on Sunday from Udaipur’s Pratap Nagar area, where the police also seized a pistol.

District police superintendent Bhuvan Bhushan stated that during the investigation into Chaturvedi’s past criminal record, it was discovered that he had been on the run for four years in connection with an elopement case. Furthermore, he confessed during the interrogation that he was responsible for the murder of a woman.

According to the police, Chaturvedi had eloped with a married woman named Bhanu Priya Goswami from Rajsamand in 2019. A complaint was filed against him by one of the woman’s relatives, but he managed to evade capture. The couple had been residing in rented accommodation in the Ghatna area.

The district police superintendent revealed that Chaturvedi smothered Goswami to death in 2021 after a heated argument. To dispose of the body, he meticulously planned his actions by watching over 1,300 episodes of a popular crime television series. He then dumped the woman’s remains into a drum, filled it with a mixture of cement and chemicals to prevent any foul odor, and left it in the room for years.

However, in 2022, Chaturvedi’s landlord discovered the murder when the mixture leaked from the drum. Surprisingly, the landlord agreed to help him secretly cremate the body and dispose of the mortal remains in a water body, keeping the matter hidden from everyone.

Chaturvedi’s capture came about when the Udaipur police received a tip-off regarding his involvement in an illegal weapons deal. He was apprehended at a check post in the area. Upon bringing him to the Dhanmandi police station, one of the constables recognized him as the accused in the elopement case, leading to the revelation of the murder.

The police have filed a fresh case against Chaturvedi under section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code and 3/25 of the Arms Act. The investigation is ongoing, and the police will also look into the involvement of Chaturvedi’s landlord in the case.

This shocking incident serves as a reminder of the heinous crimes that can take place in our society. The police are committed to ensuring justice is served, and necessary actions will be taken against all those involved in this gruesome act.

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