Man Arrested with Accomplices for Job Scam in Punjab Police, Hoshiarpur

Man Arrested with Four Accomplices for Job Scam in Punjab Police

In a recent development, a man and his four accomplices have been apprehended for allegedly deceiving multiple individuals by promising them employment in the police department. The accused have been taken into custody, and the authorities have seized a 32-bore pistol, counterfeit identity cards of the Punjab Police, a sports utility vehicle, and three police uniforms.

The main suspect in this case has been identified as Rajiv Kumar, also known as Chhotu Pehalwan, from Jangala village. The other individuals involved are Ajay Banwala from Kaithal in Haryana, Harjinder Singh, also known as Honey, from Khairabad village, Jarnail Singh, also known as Kaila, from Khun-Khun Sarki village, and Sanjeev Kumar from Raili village.

During the investigation, Rajiv’s SUV was discovered near Ballagan village in the Dasuya subdivision. It was observed that the rear glass of the vehicle was broken, and there were several bullet marks present. Initial findings revealed that Rajiv Kumar, the owner of the bullet-riddled SUV, is a wrestler who operates an ‘akhara’ in his village, attracting enthusiasts from the local area and Haryana.

Further examination revealed that Rajiv, who possessed fake police identity cards, would impersonate a high-ranking police official in the Punjab Police and even donned a police uniform. The investigation disclosed that Rajiv, along with his accomplices, duped approximately 20 people by promising them jobs in the sports wing of the Punjab Police.

To deceive the victims, Rajiv orchestrated a spectacle by shooting at his SUV and then abandoned it near Ballagan village. He even invited all the victims to Jalandhar, where he planned to distribute fake appointment letters during the Republic Day celebrations.

The authorities are currently conducting a thorough investigation into the matter. It is crucial to remain cautious and verify the authenticity of any job offers to avoid falling victim to such scams.

Stay tuned for further updates on this case as more information becomes available.

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