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Tragic Family Murders Shake Baku: 25-Year-Old Relative Suspected

In a horrifying turn of events, a family in Baku has been brutally murdered, leaving the entire country in shock. The suspect behind this heinous crime is none other than a 25-year-old relative of the victims. The incident has dominated media coverage and sparked intense discussions on Azerbaijani social networks.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan, the police received a distressing call on February 13th at around 4:30 pm regarding an axe murder in the Khatai district of Baku. The gruesome incident unfolded at 29 General Shikhlinsky Street, claiming the lives of five family members. The victims have been identified as Ahmadov Mehman Ahmad oglu (born in 1972), Ahmadova Bike Badal gizi (born in 1977), and Ahmadov Mahammad Mehman oglu (born in 2015).

The authorities swiftly apprehended the suspect, Akhmedov Akhmed Mehman oglu (born 1999), who is believed to be responsible for the murders. Shockingly, two additional murders came to light after his arrest. It was discovered that prior to killing his parents and younger brother, the suspect had visited his sister, who resided in the Surakhani district. Tragically, both the sister, Akhmedova Elmira Mehman gizi (born in 1997), and her 5-year-old daughter, Ulviya, fell victim to the suspect’s axe attack. Following this horrific act, he proceeded to his parents’ house.

The Khatai District Prosecutor’s Office has initiated criminal proceedings under articles 120.2.4 (premeditated murder with particular cruelty) and 120.2.7 (murder of two or more persons) of the Criminal Code. The investigation is currently ongoing.

Neighbors of the deceased family have expressed shock and disbelief, stating that the Akhmedov family appeared to be exemplary and without any apparent problems. However, they did mention that the eldest son, Ahmed Ahmedov, had struggled with mental health issues, spending a significant amount of time in Russia for treatment. Upon returning to Baku, he lived separately from his parents.

If it is determined that Akhmedov suffers from a mental illness, he may not be held fully accountable for his actions, according to lawyer Parviz Hajiyev. However, if he is found to be mentally healthy, he could face life imprisonment without the right to appeal.

This tragic incident has left the entire nation in mourning and has raised concerns about mental health awareness and support in Azerbaijan. The investigation will continue to shed light on the motives behind this gruesome crime, providing some semblance of closure for the grieving family and the shocked community.

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