Anand Sujith Henry : “Indian-Origin IT Couple Tragedy: Twins Found Dead in California Home – Uncovering the Mystery”

Indian-origin IT couple and their twin children were found dead in their California home, with the police suspecting a murder-suicide. The family has been identified as Anand Sujith Henry, 42, his wife Alice Priyanka, 40, and their four-year-old twins Noah and Neithan.

The bodies were discovered after a relative of the family called the police for a welfare check when no one answered the phone. The San Mateo Police Department stated that the couple and their children were found dead with gunshot wounds in a bathroom. A nine-millimeter pistol and a loaded magazine were also found in the same area.

Although the police believe it to be a murder-suicide, they are still investigating the incident and have not ruled out other possibilities. The San Mateo County Crime Lab and the Criminal Investigation Bureau are working together to gather evidence. The bodies have been taken into custody by the San Mateo County Coroner for identification and notification of their next of kin.

The family, originally from Kerala, India, had been living in the United States for the past nine years. Anand worked as a senior analyst and Alice was a former manager of software engineering at Meta and Google.

This tragic incident bears similarities to other recent cases involving people of Indian descent in the United States. In Massachusetts, a wealthy Indian-origin couple and their daughter were found dead in their home in December last year, determined to be a murder-suicide. Additionally, several other individuals of Indian descent have been found dead in recent months under various circumstances.

Murder-suicides within the Indian diaspora in the US have been on the rise, with last year seeing a significant increase in such incidents. These incidents have raised concerns and prompted further investigation into the underlying causes.

The Indian mission in the United States is providing consular assistance to the family’s relatives in India. The community is mourning the loss of the Henry family, remembering them as kind, hardworking individuals and loving parents.

As the investigation continues, authorities will work to determine the exact circumstances surrounding the tragic deaths of the Henry family.

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