Miles Harford : “Denver House Holds 30 Cremated Remains: Shocking Discovery”

A former funeral home owner in Denver is facing serious charges after human remains were discovered at his former residence. The Denver Police Department has issued an arrest warrant for Miles Harford on charges of abuse of a corpse, forgery, and theft. The unsettling discovery was made when a person cleaning out the property found a woman’s remains and over two dozen professionally cremated bodies.

The investigation began when authorities were called to the house on South Quitman Street after reports of a suspicious incident. The caller, in the process of cleaning the home after Harford’s eviction, stumbled upon boxes containing cremated remains. Additionally, a hearse parked at the property revealed the body of a deceased woman and more cremated remains.

One of the bodies found in the hearse was identified as a 63-year-old woman who had passed away in August 2022 from natural causes. It is believed that her body had been stored in the hearse since her passing. The family of the deceased woman, Christina Rosales, was shocked to learn that the remains previously given to them by Harford were not those of their loved one.

Authorities also searched a U-Haul parked outside the home, where they found six more urns containing cremated remains. It is estimated that the remains of at least 30 individuals who passed away between 2012 and 2021 have been recovered. Investigators are now working to identify the remains and return them to their respective families.

Clients of the closed Apollo Funeral and Cremation Services are urged to contact the Denver Police Major Crimes Division if they did not receive the remains of a loved one or had any concerns about the services provided by the funeral home. DNA testing will not be conducted on unlabeled remains due to the loss of DNA after cremation.

The Denver Police Department is seeking any additional information related to this case and assures tipsters that they can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward. It is important to note that there is no known connection between this case and the funeral home investigation in Fremont County.

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