John Lawler : “DA Confirms Saugus Remains Match Missing Man – Boston 25 News”

Human remains discovered in Saugus, Massachusetts, have been identified as those of John Lawler, a man reported missing since the summer of 2023. The skeletal remains were found behind homes on David Drive over the weekend and positively identified by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

Lawler, a resident of Haverhill, went missing on July 14, 2023, leaving his family desperate for answers. The investigation into his disappearance has remained open, with authorities awaiting a final determination from the OCME regarding the cause of death.

The discovery was made after a local resident walking their dog stumbled upon the remains in a wooded area behind David Drive. Law enforcement officials spent the day collecting evidence from the scene before transferring the remains to the Medical Examiner’s office for further examination.

Family members of Lawler revealed that he had been missing for several months, sparking concern and speculation about his whereabouts. Boston 25 Reporter Bob Ward had initially reported on the search for Lawler back in September, shedding light on the case and efforts to locate him.

Lawler was last seen near the Salvation Army Rehab Facility and a Walgreens store in the area, where security cameras captured images of him carrying a fishing rod on the day of his disappearance. Despite leaving behind his cell phone, Lawler had withdrawn a significant amount of cash from his bank account before vanishing.

Barbara Hubbard, Lawler’s former partner, expressed her distress over his disappearance, highlighting the uncertainty surrounding the case. She emphasized the importance of finding closure and understanding what led to Lawler’s tragic fate.

As the investigation continues, authorities are urging anyone with information about John Lawler’s disappearance to come forward. Updates on the case will be provided as more details emerge, with the community remaining vigilant in seeking justice for the beloved missing man.

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