Devin Ratray : “Devin Ratray Pleads Guilty to Domestic Violence”

Former child actor Devin Ratray, known for his role in the popular movie “Home Alone,” has recently pleaded guilty to two domestic violence charges. The charges stem from an incident in December 2021, where Ratray allegedly punched and strangled his then-girlfriend.

The plea deal reached by Ratray will allow him to avoid prison time, but he will be required to attend behavior intervention classes and undergo drug and alcohol assessment. Additionally, he has been ordered to have no contact with the woman he assaulted.

The altercation between Ratray and his girlfriend took place in a hotel room following an argument at a bar. According to reports, Ratray pinned the woman on the bed and began choking her, threatening her by saying, “This is how you die.” He then proceeded to punch her in the face before she was able to escape.

The incident has brought back attention to a 2017 rape allegation against Ratray made by another woman, Lisa Smith. Smith had filed a police report at the time but stated that her case was never investigated. Upon hearing about Ratray’s recent domestic violence charges, she reached out to authorities to inquire about the status of her case.

Ratray has denied the rape allegations and has not been charged in connection to Smith’s claims. The actor’s domestic violence trial was briefly delayed due to his hospitalization, but he has since been released and returned home.

The case serves as a reminder of the prevalence of domestic violence and the importance of holding perpetrators accountable for their actions. It also highlights the need for support and resources for victims of such crimes.

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