Jaahnavi Kandula : India Demands Justice from Seattle Police: Jaahnavi Kandula Case

The tragic death of Jaahnavi Kandula in Seattle last year has sparked outrage and raised questions about police accountability. The Indian Embassy in the United States has expressed strong concerns over the recent developments in the case, where Officer Kevin Dave struck and killed Jaahnavi with his police vehicle.

**Embassy’s Reaction**

In response to the King County prosecutor’s office’s decision not to charge Officer Dave with a felony due to lack of evidence, the Indian Consulate General in Seattle has been in close contact with Jaahnavi’s family representatives. They have vowed to continue supporting the family in their quest for justice.

**Family’s Shock**

Jaahnavi’s family has expressed shock and disbelief over the prosecutor’s decision. They maintain that Jaahnavi did nothing wrong and was in a marked crosswalk when she was fatally struck by Officer Dave’s speeding vehicle. The family is determined to pursue legal action to ensure justice for their beloved daughter.

**Controversial Comments**

The case gained widespread attention after body camera footage revealed Officer Daniel Auderer making insensitive remarks about Jaahnavi’s life having “limited value.” This sparked outrage and led to calls for accountability within the Seattle Police Department.

**Legal Implications**

The King County prosecutor’s office cited a lack of sufficient evidence under Washington State law to pursue criminal charges against Officer Dave for vehicular homicide. However, the possibility of lesser charges, such as negligent driving, remains open for consideration by city prosecutors.

**Ongoing Investigations**

The case has now been referred to the Seattle City Attorney’s office for further review. The Seattle Police Department is conducting an administrative investigation into the incident, and the Indian Embassy is closely monitoring the progress of the case.

**Seeking Justice**

Jaahnavi’s family remains steadfast in their pursuit of justice, despite the challenges they face in holding Officer Dave accountable for their daughter’s untimely death. The community continues to demand transparency and accountability in law enforcement to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

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