Michael Wiles : “Fargo PD Faces Racial Profiling Complaints”

In a recent incident in Fargo, Michael Wiles found himself at the center of a case of mistaken identity and racial profiling. As he walked to West Acres on Jan. 6, he noticed an unmarked pickup truck circling him multiple times before being surrounded by Fargo police officers near 25th Street South. Despite repeatedly telling them his real name, Wiles was handcuffed and detained for a brief period before being released.

According to Wiles, the police mistook him for a man named Johnny Cooper. Despite his protests and providing his real identity, the officers continued to insist he was someone else. This wrongful arrest left Wiles feeling scared, nervous, and embarrassed as he stood outside in the cold without shoes for over an hour.

This was not the first time Wiles had been wrongfully detained by the Fargo police. A similar incident occurred on New Year’s Eve 2020 when he was attending a party at a friend’s house. The repeated instances of mistaken identity and racial profiling have raised concerns about the conduct of the Fargo Police Department.

The incident involving Wiles is just one of several complaints alleging racial profiling and excessive force against the department. Faith Shields-Dixon, a Black woman and civil rights advocate, also filed a complaint for excessive force after being wrongfully handcuffed and bruised during an encounter with the police on May 4, 2023.

During a recent Fargo City Commission meeting, Wiles and Shields-Dixon spoke out about their experiences and called for a thorough examination of the flaws within the legal system. Fargo Police Chief Dave Zibolski assured that the department takes complaints of racial profiling and wrongful arrests seriously and emphasized the need for comprehensive investigations.

The community advocates and residents have continued to push for accountability and transparency within the police department, highlighting the ongoing issues of bias-based policing and the need for systemic change. Despite the challenges faced, the voices of those affected by these incidents are determined to be heard and bring about meaningful reform within law enforcement.

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