Colton Moore : “19-Year-Old Charged with Murder of 16-Year-Old Derek Pitts – Action News Jax”

In a tragic incident that shook the community of Jacksonville, Florida, 16-year-old Derek Pitts lost his life on December 29th. The heartbreaking news left his family and friends devastated, seeking justice for their beloved teenager.

Months of uncertainty and fear followed until a breakthrough was made in the case. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office identified 19-year-old Colton Moore as the perpetrator behind Pitts’ untimely death. The revelation brought a sense of relief to Pitts’ family, knowing that the person responsible for their pain was finally in custody.

The shooting took place in the parking lot of an apartment complex on Old St. Augustine Road in Mandarin. Pitts was rushed to a nearby hospital, but tragically succumbed to his injuries. The senseless act of violence left a scar on the community, prompting calls for justice and peace for the grieving family.

Moore, who was already in custody on unrelated charges, was arrested for Pitts’ murder. The arrest was made possible through the collaborative efforts of law enforcement, including tips from First Coast Crime Stoppers and the community.

Pitts’ uncle, Jeremy Greenfield, expressed his relief at the news of Moore’s arrest. He emphasized the impact of such crimes on families and urged Moore to reflect on his actions. Greenfield’s message resonated with many, highlighting the ripple effect of violence on communities.

As the legal process unfolds, the Jacksonville community stands united in seeking justice for Derek Pitts. The road to closure may be long, but the arrest of Colton Moore marks a significant step towards healing and accountability. Through solidarity and support, the memory of Derek Pitts lives on, a reminder of the importance of cherishing and protecting every life.

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