Thiruvananthapuram Resident Extorted of Rs 2.5 Crores by Fake Customs Officer

Police Arrests Accused in Rs 2.5 Crore Fraud Case Posing as Customs Officers

Thiruvananthapuram, Australia – The police have made a breakthrough in a major fraud case where an individual extorted Rs 2.5 crores from a resident of Thiruvananthapuram by impersonating a customs officer. The main accused, identified as Keshav, has been apprehended in Mumbai. The investigation has revealed that Keshav, along with his gang, used video calls to deceive victims into believing they were customs officers.

Further investigations have uncovered that the stolen money was initially transferred to the account of a taxi driver from Rajasthan. The cyber police in Rajasthan apprehended the taxi driver for questioning, but he claimed to have no knowledge of the fraud scheme, stating that he only opened the account as instructed. Finally, the police were able to arrest Keshav, the mastermind behind the fraud.

The police have discovered that the fraud gang invested the ill-gotten money in the gold and diamond business and the stock market, making it difficult to trace the funds. To avoid detection, the gang opened multiple accounts under the guise of self-employment ventures in North India. This tactic delayed investigations, as it took time to trace the leaders of the group. The investigation team also found that the gang operated a call center in Mumbai to carry out their fraudulent activities.

The modus operandi of the gang involved sending messages to their victims, claiming that Mumbai Customs had seized a package containing illegal drugs addressed to them. The victims were then instructed to participate in an online interrogation with a person posing as a customs officer. During the interrogation, the accused would ask for the victims’ bank details and proceed to extort money from them online without leaving any evidence.

The arrest of Keshav and the ongoing investigation into his gang’s activities are a significant breakthrough in combating such fraudulent schemes. The police are urging the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious calls or messages from individuals claiming to be customs officers.

This incident serves as a reminder for individuals to exercise caution when sharing personal and financial information online. It is crucial to verify the authenticity of any communication from government agencies or officials before divulging sensitive details. By staying informed and aware, we can protect ourselves from falling victim to such scams.

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